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Workplace design evolution prompts ‘death of office’ marketing

Posted by Marianne
May 15, 2013 in Industrial

An innovative marketing campaign has been launched to celebrate the refurbishment of a prime Manchester office. The Office Is Dead enterprise deconstructs the accepted norms of office working, poking fun at common perceptions and ideas.

The campaign also looks at how office space has evolved over time.

It hails the changing face of modern workplaces, from the  office flooring  office flooring to the creative work which now drives many modern areas.

It is picking up on the creativity of prospective tenants that Music, the creative agency, is aiming the advertising package at. A Grade II listed building in the heart of Manchester, 54 Princes Street, is hoping to attract companies at the cutting edge of their respective industries.

The approach taken started well before the  office fit out  office fit out itself started, utilising the run-of-the-mill interiors already in place to take its cue. The result was a series of artworks deriding office clichés.

Clichés up for ridicule with heavily tongue-in-cheek graphics included such office parlance as ‘Synergy’ and ‘Brainstorm’.

Weeks of planning and days of work went into each installation by the team of creative specialists at Music, but were only in place for two days. However, they may have a life long after the redeveloped office space is handed over – in the communal areas of the building.

It is hoped that the campaign will not only attract young companies with a clear but different vision for the future, but that the companies will also want a new approach to how their office space works.

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